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About us


Our business is located thirty miles east of Cleveland, in the small community of Chardon Ohio. My previous avocation was as a computer network consultant for Novell and Microsoft NT networking operating systems for twenty plus years.

 My hobby has always been audio electronics from the mid sixties mostly building loudspeaker and vacuum tube equipment. I started tinkering with computers in 1977 and opened a computer business in 1979. First it was a mail order business, and then it expanded into retail stores until the early nineties, the next ten years went on to computer network consulting up until March of 2001 when I retired from the computer business.. Although I truly enjoyed that time in my life, I wonted to slow down and get out of the fast lane and had been making plans to do so for many years. My plains were to go back to my greatest passion which is audio and spent the last fifteen years polish my skills learning about every detail of the electrostatic loudspeaker.

My real interest lies in electrostatic speakers. The electrostatic speakers are just better, overall sound reproducers—period! To adopt a quotation from the late great Peter Walker of Quad electrostatic fame "Each electrostatic design is perfect, but some designs are more perfect then others.” I have been putting my full time effort into electrostatic speaker design repair.

To date I have built and sold hundreds of electrostatics loudspeakers, ESL panels, hundreds of step-up transformers, bias supplies and crossovers along with repair of most major brands. I wind my own prototype ESL step-up transformers with our Switzerland made Meteor Model ME-301 winding machine. Our transformer designs are then wound to our specifications by a company that been in the transformer winding business since 1948.

My goal was to produce the very best sound quality at the most reasonable cost. I believe have been successful at achieving this goal and have been and marketing these products over the last seven years selling directly to customers on a limited scale.

 I own or have owned most of the electrostatic loudspeakers on the market, and currently have set of my own design along with Quads, ESS Super Quads, KLH, Martin Login, Acoustats and Janszen speakers not to mention the many I have sold. I also have also owned hundreds of high end dynamic speakers from A to Z.

I still do some custom speaker building of electrostatic and dynamics which also includes crossover and cabinet design. I use software from LinearX, as well as LMS (Loudspeaker Measurement System) for speaker SPL, impedance, FFT and other measurements.

Russ Knotts
Just Real Music



"Papa, are you sure this is what the customer ordered!?"





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