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M399 ESL Step-up Transformer 125:1 turns ratio See Pricing

M299B ESL Step-up Transformer 100:1 turns ratio See Pricing

M99B ESL Step-up Transformer 50:1 turns ratio See Pricing

 B3 high voltage bias supplies 1.2-kv, See Pricing with special orders up to 5-K



B3 Electrostatic Transformers & High Voltage Bias Supplies See Pricing

 B3 Bias supply kit for 940 v dc to  3.2 kv You assembled DISCONTINUED

New ESL Electronics complete kit with B3 bias supply, M299b step-up transformers
els 225 Hz xover and binding post (you assemble) DISCONTINUED

Full Range Dual M399 Step-up Transformers with EQ  Bias Supply response 30 Hz to 22 Khz


Completed Crossover & Bias Supply with M299b Transformer From See Pricing



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