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Square wave of 5-1/4 mid woofer dynamic cone speaker



Square wave of Model-2.1 electrostatic speaker panel



Model-2 Systems comparison impedance measurement
1-ohm per division 10 Hz to 40 kHz


LMS impedance measurement taken  Quad-57, 
Martin Logan CLS-2 Z electrostatic 1-ohm per division 10-Hz to 40-kHz. 


LMS sound pressure level measurement taken Model-2,  
Quad-57, Martin Logan CLS-2 Z electrostatic 
Quad moved up 5 dB, CLS moved down 5 dB, for reading, 
Model-2 center  graph 300-Hz to 20-kHz. 


LMS sound pressure level measurement 
taken on  Model-2 from 100 Hz to 20-kHz 



Systems Comparison Impedance Measurement 1-ohm per Division

LMS Impedance measurement taken June 13, 2000, Quad-57, Model 2 ESL System, Martin Logan CLS-2 Z 10-Hz to 40-kHz.





Model 2 ESL system SPL with dipole woofer measurement 5dB per division

LMS measured SPL data at 90 in. in room with 1/3 octave 
pink noise ESL and 15in. woofer 5dB per division



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