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Model-2.1 Piano Black

 The new Model 2.1 Piano Black electrostatic panels establish new standards in sound performance and are an excellent speaker for average size rooms and larger rooms. With its piano black finish it is a work of art, with over thirty man hours of labor involved in its production, a custom six coat hand rubbed mirror finish and looks stunning. The proven technology is our best selling 2.1 electrostatic panels and our best custom 12 inch dipole woofer and electronics installed. However, don't let the price fool you, this speaker is a precision sound reproducer that can equal the most expensive world-class competitors. The Model 2.1Piano Black is outstanding speaker for most rooms and will receive alot of attention  from guest, a real music lovers speaker.


Frequency response 45  Hz resonate to ultrasonic
Audio power (min/max) 35/200 watts rms
Radiating area 1152 total square inches pair
Horizontal dispersion Focused Image Geometry (FIG)
Vertical dispersion Projected field height of speakers
Impedance 6 ohms (nominal) 2 ohms minimum @20kHz
Sensitivity Equivalent to 86dB/1w/1m,
measured at 1.25 meters
Stators Electrostatic speakers panels are
completely assembled, and tested, stators are made from 16 gauge(.06-in.) cold rolled steel, powder coated with a special triple coating process
Height x Width x Depth 66 in. x 22 in. at base x 11-7/8 in. deep
Weight 110 lbs. per set
Woofer Custom 12-in. dipole open back long throw 
Included in package Custom six coat piano black finish, Model-2.1 bias supply, crossover, M299a custom wound step-up transformer, 12-in woofer, black woofer grill cloth, assembled and tested
US Retail price $2995.00 
Internet direct price $2295.00 per pair plus shipping



Specifications and design are subject to change without notice
due to our continuous research and development program.
Prices subject to change without notice.
Products made in the USA
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