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Just Real Music Mission Statement:

My overall mission is to give the best value to you in electrostatic loudspeakers for your investment. I do this through, direct sales, low overhead, cost controls and wise investment of resources. I believe my commercial success depends upon offering quality and value to you.
Providing products that are of the highest standards at the best price. I offer ESL products that have the highest sound quality and are efficient. Thus providing you the best return for your dollar, while adhering to the highest standards of the original sound source.
I listen to my customers and wont to understand their needs. I try to achieve customer's satisfaction by quickly translating their needs into affordable products that emphasize quality, strength of design, innovation and value. 

Thank you

Russell C. Knotts
Just Real Music



Specifications and design are subject to change without notice
due to our continuous research and development program.
Prices subject to change without notice.
Products made in the USA
2004 Just Real Music