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 Persona Small Footprint Electrostatic


Persona More information to come


The new  Persona adds new standards reproducing sound performances so accurately and indistinguishably. With such low distortion and the Focused Image Geometry™ (FIG) precisely tracks the input signal flawlessly.

Frequency response 80 Hz resonate to ultrasonic
Audio power (min/max) 35/200 watts rms
Radiating area 900  total square inches pair
Horizontal dispersion Focused Image Geometry (FIG)
Vertical dispersion Projected field height of speakers
Impedance 6 ohms (nominal) 2.25 ohms minimum @12kHz
Sensitivity Equivalent to 85dB/1w/1m,
measured at 1.25 meters
Stators Electrostatic speakers panels are
completely assembled, and tested, stators are made from 22 gauge sheath custom wire with a special coating process
Height x Width x Depth 56 in. x 21 in. x 7/8 in.
Weight 85 lbs. per set
Includes M399 step-up transformers bias supply, crossover, custom wound step-up transformer, black grill cloth oak trim legs
US Retail price  $2995
Internet direct price  $2195 per pair